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Civil & Structural Design

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Civil and structural engineering is the art of providing functional, economic and buildable designs. It involves understanding the objectives of both clients and fellow professionals whose prime concerns are cost, planning, services, environment and aesthetics.

Our engineers have a feel for the properties and behavior of materials, the ability to deal both quantitatively and qualitatively with civil or structural design and the experience to enable them to undertake complex designs in a range of structures from industrial and multi-storey buildings to retail megastores and hospitals.

We are intimately involved in the use of pre-cast concrete for structural purposes. Projects include the apartment development at Precinct 9 in Putrajaya, the teachers' quarters project in Cheras, the student/teacher apartments for the AIMST in Kedah, a high rise condominium in Ampang, the Giant Hypermarket in Kelana Jaya and Kinrara.

Increasingly we are involved in undertaking value engineering prior to construction start up. This involves design optimization and the development of alternate construction approaches including Post Tension Solutions for flat works and the use of steel fibre reinforced concrete for ground bearing and suspended slabs. Projects include the Airbus Hanger in Sepang and the 33 storey Fontana Towers in Bahrain.

Our service includes:

  • Cost effective design which incorporates appropriate innovation
  • An appreciation of the latest construction techniques
  • A pro-active approach to the design process within the design team
  • Hands-on involvement and ready availability of our Directors during critical facets of all projects
  • A high standard of documentation with attention to buildability issues and construction details
  • A proven track record for the delivery of projects on time
  • Attention to Quality

Sustainability in Construction

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We are pioneers to incorporating sustainable principles in construction to achieve development outcomes that minimise environmental impacts, contribute to communities and deliver economic viability. The implementation of green building approaches involves considerations in

  • Passive solar design - including advanced glazing options and computer modeling studies
  • Materials Selection for Sustainability, both for the indoor and outdoor envelope
  • Daylight Design including glazing and shading options
  • Optimization of ventilation and Cooling systems
  • Implementation of Rainwater Harvesting Approaches
  • Design and construction audit to achieve a Green rating

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