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Concrete & Materials Technology

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Concrete construction has become an increasingly complex process due to demands for cost-effective, rapid construction, long term performance as well as the availability of a wider range of technical options. JTK offers a unique 'construction perspective' to our concrete consultancy services which can add value to your projects by:

  • Reducing construction costs
  • Reducing whole life costs
  • Reducing construction time
  • Improving quality of construction

Using in-house Thermal Modeling tools and diagnostic skills, we are able to predict concrete cracking due to construction sequencing and restraints expected. Based on concrete mix redesign, mitigation efforts are implemented to minimise problems in an effort to achieve zero defects.

We are able to advice on appropriate specifications for local conditions to achieve high performance with minimal non-compliances at the on set of a project. Through our years of experience we are able to demonstrate that many problems which occur during construction can be avoided if specialist advice is provided at the design or early construction stage.

Our service includes:

  • Unrivalled expertise in the development of high performance concrete
  • World class impartial materials expertise
  • Cost effective concrete including advice on long range pumping
  • Improving durability and buildability
  • A pro-active approach to construction sequencing and defects mitigation
  • Fašade advice and upgrading
  • Specifications review and QA/QC during construction
  • Reducing future maintenance costs
  • Hands on involvement and availability of our directors during critical stages of construction delivery