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Construction & Technical Services

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The growing size and complexity of construction projects has led to a shift towards self assurance by contractors and that of their sub-contractors and material suppliers. The construction budget is always limited and there are pressures to adopt construction materials and systems on a lowest-price basis, often without all the information required to assess long term suitability or durability.

Contractors are increasingly being expected to undertake design responsibility for various elements of the project and to deal with difficult or even conflicting requirements in specifications. A proper assessment of many of these issues requires a combination of construction materials skills and technical expertise. Contractors can benefit considerably from having access to the relevant skills on an as-needed basis from a consultancy firm independent of material suppliers.

JTK Consult Approach

JTK Consult has a unique engineering materials capability stemming from over a decade of applied materials and design consultancy in the civil engineering and building fields. Our specialist teams are led by engineers with a thorough understanding of civil and building construction. They are supported by materials scientists specializing in concrete technology, corrosion protection and other construction materials. Our parallel activity in the investigation and repair of structures provides us with a rich database of the typical problems associated with construction and, most importantly, the means of avoiding them.

Tender Support
  • Specification reviews
  • Subcontractor/Supplier Audit
  • Quality Assurance
Construction Support
  • Construction Risk Management
  • Construction Process Optimisation
  • Concrete Technology
  • Investigation of construction defects/problems
  • Fixing systems performance verification
  • Alternative scheme proposal checking and site inspection
  • Construction instrumentation and monitoring
Material Technology Support
  • Concrete Mix Design
  • Corrosion Engineering and
  • Building Materials Compliance Testing
Durability & Quality Assurance
  • Independent inspection and test witnessing
  • Construction Durability
  • Life Cycle Cost Attainment
  • Design Life Assessment
Contractual Support
  • Alternative design/specifications
  • Expert Witness Service

Project References

JTK Consult has been retained by major civil and building contractors to provide cost effective construction solutions on some of the most prestigious projects during Tender and Construction stages. These include:

  • Petronas Twin Towers (Kuala Lumpur)
  • The Telecom Tower (Bangsar)
  • Public Bank (Johor Bahru)
  • JB Duty Free (Johor Bahru)
  • STAR Light Rail Transit (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Menara Maybank (Bangsar)
  • Paiton Power Project (Surabaya, Indonesia)
  • SMART Tunnel Project (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Burj Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
  • Troika Condominium (Kuala Lumpur)
  • New Doha International Airport (Qatar)
  • SITRA Bridge (Bahrain)