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Durability Assurance

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A unique feature of JTK Consult is our involvement in Durabilty Assurance. This includes inputs to the entire spectrum of building, civil engineering, industrial and coastal, steel and concrete structures.

JTK uses the latest Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and laboratory analysis techniques in diagnosis and can predict future deterioration and assess structural performance. Our consultants advice clients and designers on setting and achieving durability criteria in relation to achieving lowest life cycle structure costs at the onset of projects. In this way, we aim to bridge the gap between the design, construction implementation and the operational & maintenance requirements. Projects have included STAR LRT, Kuala Lumpur, SMART Tunnel Kuala Lumpur, Sitra Bridge Bahrain

Our service includes:

  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) and diagnostics
  • Identifying potential durability/serviceability issues at concept design
  • Life cycle cost assessments
  • Designing and achieving the durability objectives for critical elements
  • Building envelope components durability/serviceability review