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Expert Advice & Testimony

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JTK Consult has been engaged as experts in several construction disputes leading to Arbitration and Litigation. Due to our familiarity with legal proceedings, we can work closely with lawyers to develop our independent expert advise. We have been involved in a wide spectrum of cases involving construction specifications, concrete technology, defects in construction, slope stability, facade and fixing issues, a car park collapse, Post Tension Bridge Collapse and settlement due to adjacent construction.

JTK also offers an unrivalled range of forensic services in connection with the building and construction industry which forms a basis for our expert determination. As engineers and scientists we are innately seekers of truth and can be relied on to provide unbiased and objective opinion.

We are able to do this by keeping abreast of the latest in construction technology and advice and by an ongoing association with key experts in related fields worldwide.

The features of our service include:

  • Well documented and researched expert reports
  • A commitment to impartial advice
  • Full involvement of directors during the legal proceedings