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Facilities Management

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JTK offers FM services over the total life cycle of an asset, whether it is a building or an infrastructure facility. We implement maintenance management strategies for building/facility owners by:

  • Identifying the current state of assets
  • Assessing Life Cycle Implications
  • Developing the approach to the total maintenance effort
  • Using state of the art ICT-based tools

We can maximize the value of assets right across the demand chain, thereby allowing our clients total freedom to concentrate on their core business. Some key projects in Facilities Management include:

  • Public Transport - set up a maintenance database for STAR LRT after a comprehensive base line survey and established the special inspections procedures
  • Bridge Maintenance - involved in the original Bridge Management Database for the government of Vietnam which is still the basis for overall maintenance planning
  • Mobile Phone Operations - proposal for the redesign of service provision for a local Telco based upon a modern work culture and quality service
  • Hospitals - undertook a pilot project on behalf of a leading hospital group which involved an audit of buildings and operations towards developing a rational Maintenance Management strategy