Shophouse, Taiping

A 2-storey pre-war shop house was badly affected by an adjacent construction. The building housed a family business until the construction activities forced the owners to vacate the premises.

JTK Consult (JTK) undertook a detailed condition survey and observed significant evidence of settlement leading to walls cracking. Cracking up to 50 mm was noted at several locations of the building due to the foundation settlement induced by the excavation and piling works of the adjacent structure. The Remedial design proposed included foundation underpinning by grouting and an innovative method for stitching of the cracks using a proprietary glass fibre reinforced rod developed specifically for historic masonry building upgrading by Mapei. This was the first time the Italian developed technology was applied in Malaysia. The masonry walls were plastered with a proprietary lime based plaster and a breathable paint was used to protect against any future rising damp.

Taiping, Perak
Mr Chew Yok Tee
Services We Provided

Heritage Structures and Sustainability

Forensic Engineering and Remedial Solutions:
Defects and failure investigation and remedial designs.

Ref: 1273/13/r7377, 7462

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