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Research & Development

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JTK Consult are in a unique position to undertake research in key areas of construction. We have been variously involved in moving forward R&D in the country by involvement in the following areas:

  • The inauguration and promotion of the 'excellence in engineering speaker series' and Construction R&D initiatives in conjunction with the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC)
  • Stewardship of the National Design Life Committee as part of ISO TC 59
  • Invited expert on the CIDB Research & Development Proposals Panel
  • Invited expert on the Intensification of Research in Priority Areas (IRPA) panel for Project Proposals Review
  • Key Private Sector Construction Initiatives through the Malaysian Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) including the use of modular offsite construction techniques
  • Invited expert on the University Technology Malaysia (UTM) Research on Creep, Shrinkage and Elastic Modulus Data of Malaysian Concrete in a Tropical Setting
  • First consultants in Malaysia to promote and use Maturity Sensors for in situ concrete strength and performance control (SMART Project)
  • On going innovation in concrete technology on complex, multibillion dollar projects