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JTK has successfully demonstrated to a broad spectrum of corporate and institutional clients that the company can engineer projects effectively regardless of complexity. We take pride in our track record and see it as an important testimony of our achievements.

At JTK, our objective for every project is the same - to engineer the most effective solution for our clients through teamwork, personalised service and engineering skills, while ensuring the achievement of objectives by the satisfactory completion of the project. The aim is timely completion within the client's budget and requirements, without compromising on the quality of the service.

© JTK Consult Construction & Technical Services
JTK Consult has a unique engineering materials capability stemming from over a decade of applied materials and design consultancy in the civil engineering and building fields.
© JTK Consult Concrete & Materials Technology
Concrete construction has become an increasingly complex process due to demands for cost-effective, rapid construction, long term performance as well as the availability of a wider range of technical options.
© JTK Consult Forensic Engineering
JTK is one of the very few consultancies involved in Forensic Engineering. This includes assessments of the entire spectrum of building, civil engineering, industrial and coastal, steel and concrete structures.
© JTK Consult Condition Audits & Structural Surveys
JTK undertakes Condition Audits and dilapidation surveys on various types of properties and developments. A Condition Survey of a building or infrastructure asset is undertaken to provide an independent assessment of the overall structural condition.
© JTK Consult Durability Assurance
A unique feature of JTK Consult is our involvement in Durabilty Assurance. This includes inputs to the entire spectrum of building, civil engineering, industrial and coastal, steel and concrete structures.
© JTK Consult Remedial Engineering
JTK have been investigating the condition of structures in the marine environment and on land for over a decade. In this time we have developed a fast and efficient structural investigation service which is carefully geared to meet our client's special requirements.
© JTK Consult Civil & Structural Design
Civil and structural engineering is the art of providing functional, economic and buildable designs. It involves understanding the objectives of both clients and fellow professionals whose prime concerns are cost, planning, services, environment and aesthetics.
© JTK Consult Adaptive Reuse of Historic Monuments & Structures
Our involvement with preservation of historical buildings as part of the adaptive reuse of structures, via condition surveys and in-depth materials intervention, have been key to the successful completion of several jobs in this specialised area.
© JTK Consult Expert Advice & Testimony
JTK Consult has been engaged as experts in several construction disputes leading to Arbitration and Litigation. Due to our familiarity with legal proceedings, we can work closely with lawyers to develop our independent expert advise.
© JTK Consult Research & Development
JTK Consult are in a unique position to undertake research in key areas of construction. We have been variously involved in moving forward R&D in the country by involvement in the following areas
© JTK Consult Facilities Management
JTK offers FM services over the total life cycle of an asset, whether it is a building or an infrastructure facility. We implement maintenance management strategies for building/facility owners