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Sustainability in Construction

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We are pioneers to incorporating sustainable principles to achieve development outcomes that minimize environmental impacts, contribute to communities and deliver economic viability. The implementation of green building approaches involves considerations in

  • Passive solar design including advanced glazing options and computer modeling studies
  • Materials Selection for Sustainability, both for the indoor and outdoor envelope
  • Daylight Design including glazing and shading options
  • Optimization of ventilation and Cooling systems
  • Implementation of Rainwater Harvesting Approaches
  • Design and construction audits to achieve a Green rating
  • Energy Efficiency Audits

The managing director of JTK was involved in Sustainability in buildings long before this was fashionable i.e. in the early nineties when he was principal engineer at the Botswana Technology Centre (BOTEC) an organisation at the forefront of alternative technology in Southern Africa. A key outcome of this engagement was the development of the BOTEC Headquarters building which was completed in 2001 and designed as a demonstration project, incorporating climate-friendly and low energy features such as evaporative cooling, a reticulated atrium, solar chimneys, rainwater collection and sewage recycling.

We have GBI (Green Building Index) and LEED certified facilitators who can assist in obtaining the appropriate level of certification for any scale of project. We pioneers in providing registered electrical energy managers who can certify a facility according to the electricity Supply Act 1990 which is now compulsory by law in Malaysia for facilities where the energy demand exceeds 3,000,000 kWh over any period not exceeding 6 consecutive months.