Club House, Kuala Lumpur

JTK Consult (JTK) was engaged to undertake an independent review of the slab deflection issues at the proposed Clubhouse, Jalan Penggawa, Kuala Lumpur and to consider if there was any design shortfalls leading to the problem. The building is a 2-storey RC frame structure with a 1-storey basement. The RC frame structure basically comprises shear walls and a flat slab construction.

The building is built for recreation purposes as part of the overall development of 54 units of 3 Storey Strata Link houses. In late April 2016, the main contractor Al-Ambia discovered that the cantilever slab at gridlines J3 to J4 deflected more than the allowable limits. The building was still under construction at the time of JTK site visit. JTK was required to investigate if the problem was due to construction defects or related to design shortfalls. JTK was also required to consider preliminary remedial options for rectification of the deflection problems.

It was found that the large span of the slab (6.5m) between gridline J3 and J4 and a lack of column support underneath could well be the reasons for the excessive deflection. The options for remedial intervention were recommended.

Jalan Penggawa, Kuala Lumpur
Al-Ambia Sdn Bhd
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Forensic Engineering and Remedial Solutions:
Slab deflection investigation

Ref: 1357/16/ r7500

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