JB Duty Free, Johor Bahru

JTK Consult (JTK) was engaged by Mancon Berhad to provide specialist consultancy for the construction of transfer beams in the Johor Bahru Duty Free Complex. Combining concrete performance with unusual architectural features, the Contractor saw a benefit in engaging us to provide materials technology expertise to complement the normal construction staff. The four transfer beams were 2.6m high, 1.8m wide and spanning approximately 18.6m.

The scope of work included a conceptual construction strategy evaluation, concrete trial mix assessment, developing a concrete pour operation plan, selection of the concrete mix, prediction of cracking in the concrete, design of in situ monitoring to detect early stage crack formation, strain and temperature monitoring, and assessment after construction to confirm acceptable construction of the transfer beams. The consultancy work was carried out by working together with the Contractor’s staff in a project team approach.

The transfer beams were constructed with acceptable material properties which complied with the project specification. The combined inputs of our materials technology, the receptivity of the Contractor and the keen participation of the Design Engineer enabled the achievement of fast and defect free construction.

Johor Bahru
Mancon Berhad
Services We Provided

Concrete and Construction Materials Technology:
mass concrete construction, concrete pour operation plan, strain and temp measurement, thermal crack modelling, transfer beam construction supervision

Ref: 810102/95/r8230

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