JBCC, Johor Bahru

JTK Consult (JTK) was engaged by Damansara Assets Sdn Bhd (DASB) to undertake an assessment of defects during construction at the Johor Bahru City Centre development project. Localised level differences at the Level 2 and 3 slabs, concrete cracks, deflection beyond limits and water leakages were noted.

A full structural assessment was undertaken with the Etabs software to understand the significance of the construction related shortfalls and to confirm the overall design basis. Based on the outcome a remedial intervention strategy was developed to overcome the structural shortfalls.

JTK assisted with the appointment of a specialist contactor and supervised the works to completion keeping within a very tight time scale for hand over.

Johor Bahru
Damansara Assets Sdn. Bhd
Services We Provided

Structural Design and Technical Support:

Forensic Engineering and Remedial Solutions:
defects and failure investigation, and remedial design

Ref: 1311/14/r7454, 7456, 7493

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