Lebuhraya Pantai Timur,Pahang

JTK Consult (JTK) was engaged by Cergas Murni Sdn.Bhd. to conduct a technical review and assessment of the concrete supplied for the construction of the elevated deck slab associated with the Lebuh Raya Pantai Timur Package 3 with particular reference to 3 bridges namely Sg Kemaman, Sg Paloh Jenang and Sg Cerul.

JTK was engaged by CMSB to act as an Independent Consultant to assess and review the issues involved with concrete non-compliance and the conduct of the parties in resolving concrete strength concerns. In situ concrete strength was determined by taking cores and the assessment of strength was done based on BS 6089. The concrete strength determined was well above 40 MPa and compliant to the design requirements.

Low strength concrete was detected at Sg Kemaman bridge and poorly compacted concrete at the interface zone was removed and re-casted. JTK proposed remedial action for the hacked areas of Sg Kemaman bridge which consisted of surface preparation and concreting with a flowable G45 micro-concrete specially designed for the purpose and to achieve the original structural capacity. Based on this remedial approach, the NCR’s raised were closed off and the works approved for handover.

Lebuhraya Pantai Timur Sg.Kemaman, Sg.Paloh Jenang & Sg.Cerul
Cergas Murni Sdn Bhd
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Concrete and Construction Materials Technology

Ref: 1317/14/r7451

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