Paradigm Mall, Johor Bahru

JTK Consult (JTK) was engaged by WCT Land Sdn Bhd to undertake a condition audit of an abandoned building previously known as Kemayan City in Johor Bahru. This was done to support the overall WCT proposal to buy the development by way of a materials and structural confirmation of the state of the existing building which was partially built in 1997. Following the study JTK proposed options for the remedial intervention to reinstate and restore the existing building such that the main 29 and 32 level towers could proceed with a new design intent.

A series of testing was undertaken to determine the in-situ strength. A correlation with ultrasonic pulse velocity (upv) results was also produced as a reference for further investigation during construction. A full foundation investigation was proposed and undertaken using a seismic approach and type testing against full depth in-situ cores as a basis for future investigation of the existing pile provision during construction.

JTK was also engaged to act as the third party checker of the structural design for the new redevelopment of this property. A full 3-D Finite Element Method (FEM) was used using ETABS 2013. The preliminary findings included the need for additional expansion joints to overcome the problem of the induced torsion in one of the towers and further optimisation of the core walls in Tower A. These suggestions were adopted by the designer on record and the final designs improved accordingly prior to construction.

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