NKVE Bridge, Klang

JTK Consult (JTK) was engaged by McLarens Young International Sdn Bhd (MYI) to investigate the cause of the collapse of the segmental concrete bridge of the New Klang Valley Expressway at Meru, Klang.

JTK reviewed all the evidence presented. We were of the opinion that the most likely factor contributing to the collapse was that the critical temporary stress bars, both top & bottom and the associated vertical bars, were not installed to the required stress levels the day prior to the failure.

Several other possibilities were considered and discounted and this included :

  1. The removal of the top temporary stress bars within the time allocated on the day of the collapse was considered but the evidence given by the senior foremen confirmed no such activity during the period prior to the loss.
  2. The failure of the stress bars while in operation was considered however, there was only a remote possibility that four pairs of bars could have failed simultaneously resulting in the collapse.
  3. The concrete strength and long term behaviour ie shrinkage and creep were not likely to be factors in this loss because it would have resulted in noticeably deflection and cracking overtime giving some warning to impending problems and not a sudden failure.

Meru, Klang
McLarens Young International Sdn. Bhd.
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Ref: 1141/05/r7148

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