Queens Bay Mall, Penang

We were engaged by Tanigra Construction  Sdn Bhd (TCSB) to undertake a condition audit and defects assessment on both the internal and external elements of Queens Bay Mall to ascertain the present condition of the development. The Queensbay Mall is situated at Bayan Bay, Penang less than 100m from the sea. The Mall is a 8 storey Shopping Complex with 2 Basement levels and a 5 level car park. The structure was built on a turnkey basis by Tanigra Construction Sdn Bhd.

The original development of the site was started in 1996 and following the 1997 Financial Crises the project was halted. The structure was abandoned until construction resumed under new owners in 2005.  At the start of this contract an investigation of the existing phase 1 structure was undertaken by Setsco and a demolition contract was awarded to CASES for the removal of selected existing pre-stressed flat slabs, columns and R C Beams. A significant amount of demolition was necessary due to poor quality of construction during the original development of the site (phase 1 works) and due to the deterioration of structural elements under exposure to unfavourable micro and macro environmental impacts, as the structure was abandoned for several years.

The detailed survey was undertaken in October 2007 by experienced personnel from JTK Consult. The intention was to understand issues during construction and to map out visible defects on the structure and to ascertain if these were structurally significant.

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