UICAM Facility, Tower 1, Pekan

JTK Consult (JTK) was engaged by Glenmarie Development Pahang Sdn Bhd to provide a basis for the investigation, testing and monitoring of the existing Tower 1 building at the IUCAM facility Pekan, Pahang and to propose remedial intervention.

Problems of cracking and concerns for concrete strength were investigated. Concrete cube test results confirmed that the concrete in general did not meet the specification requirements and in situ cores were taken to confirm the extent of the concrete problems. A full design review by computer modelling and hand calculations were undertaken to consider the structural shortfalls and need for remedial action. The latter proposals included the replacement of understrength columns, the introduction of new shear walls and the reinstatement of a selected number of foundations.

A detailed remedial work plan was drawn up and a tender exercise was conducted to select a repair specialist contractor to undertake the structural reinstatement works.

The tenders received were evaluated and recommendations were made to GDPSB for award of the works for structural reinstatement.


Pekan, Pahang
Glenmarie Development Pahang Sdn. Bhd.
Services We Provided

Structural Design and Technical Support:
Forensic Engineering and Remedial Solution:
design, failure investigation and remedial works tender

Ref: 1329/15/r7480

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