Thean How Temple, Kuantan

JTK Consult (JTK) was engaged by Persatuan Hainan Kuantan (PHK) to undertake a condition audit and defects assessment of the main open span hall built as part of the expansion of the Thean How Temple in Kuantan which was built in the year 2000. The main hall was constructed in 2005 using long span box girders supplied by Hume Concrete to act as the supporting elements for an upper level main hall. This was finally completed in 2010 by adding water proofing, a protective screed and tiling.

Following the upgrading works in 2010 it was decided to close off the Gable ends of the box girders visible from the ground floor to eliminate the problem of birds nesting within the main hall.  When the workers were installing the timber frames for the end closures, regular fine cracks were noted at the girder ends close to the supporting cross beam. This was then communicated to representatives of Hume Concrete who undertook a series of investigations.

JTK undertook a walk through survey of the external parts of the main hall and a review of historical information including relevant correspondence and photographs of the girder installation and subsequent finishing works provided by PHK.  The site visit was undertaken in October 2012. Photographs were taken to illustrate the current condition of the structure.

A design review of the slab assembly and a further confirmation of the nature of cracks seen on the structure was undertaken. To understand the mechanism of stress distribution in the HBG assembly due to self-weight, dead load and live load the Vone-Mises stress distribution diagram was extracted for each option. It was recommended not to load the structure before the final design review, assessment of monitoring results and completion of the required remedial works or structural strengthening if necessary.

Kuantan, Pahang
Persatuan Hainan Kuantan
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Ref: 1263/12/ r7372, 7376

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